Artist Statement

We investigate contemporary society through an imagined future lens.

The work spans disparate locations, rural farmland, suburban megastores, or city centers. We create artifacts that respond to the circumstances and environment in which we find ourselves.

Using video, installation, drawing and live performance, we reenact a disjointed and imperfect history of contemporary humans.  Our work contemplates the mundane aspects of everyday life, removing them from their original context to highlight the inherent absurdity. 

Where are we headed as a species?  What is our relationship to the natural world and the world we are engineering?  How do we interact in these spheres and where will our culture of distraction lead us?  Through our exploration of these questions, we develop work that both critiques these issues while also implicating ourselves.


Coalfather is Craig Newsom and Kara Jansson. We met while organizing a series of conferences on mobile digital art at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2010 and 2011, and have worked together as a single artist ever since. We are based in New York and Illinois.

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