User Experience

User Experience offers an absurd look at how a future species might view contemporary humans after we have become extinct.

In this scenario, the post-human species believes humans to have been called “Users” based on a study of social media and ancient Internet artifacts.

In the same way ancient cultures are pieced together and recreated by anthropologists from shards of pottery or possibly irrelevant fragments, the “User” is pieced together from excavations of landfills and interpretations of social media posts.

The result is a romanticized symbol of an extinct, climate-dependent human culture where individuals are mired in fear, obsessed with their own self-image and consumed by consumption.

In 2016, User Experience was installed at the 9th Annual Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF) on Governors Island in New York Harbor between Manhattan and Brooklyn.  At GIAF, the installation took place in the abandoned ammunitions chamber of Fort Jay, a registered National Monument.

Installation Proposal