Root Brabant

Root was a three-week residency at Landpark Assisië- in rural Biezenmortel, Netherlands. As visiting artists, we were invited to live and work on the grounds of a community for people with intellectual disabilities. The residents and peaceful environment were inspiring and we created video pieces paintings and drawings. At the end of the residency, we gave a short introduction (in Dutch) and showed a video of our work.


Serde was a three-week residency in a small town in western Latvia. We recorded performances at local archeological sites including the ruins of an ancient castle. The town (Aizpute) also contained the ruins of the pre-Holocaust Jewish community including their synagogue, mikvah, and cemetery. We recorded several actions in these locations commemorating those who were lost and questioning why they were so easily forgotten.


Arteles was a month-long residency in rural Finland. The work we completed there was tied to the local environment. We recorded actions and performances in the forest and also made a series of small sculptures and large-scale paintings. The residency culminated in an installation during a summer festival at a local cultural center where local residents were able to see and interact with the work.

Vermont Studio Center

In 2011, Craig completed a one-month residency at Vermont Studio Center. Our collaboration started when we had a chance to work together for a few short days at the end of the residency. We made small sculptures and recordings in the Vermont woods. We had worked entirely remotely up until that point. It was the first chance we had to work together and respond to a specific environment.