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Pandemic Work

Our work was about the pandemic before the pandemic even existed which sort of stopped us in our tracks. We had been filming ourselves wearing hazmat suits in lonely locked-in situations for years and now it was suddenly real. It took a while to adjust and our work has come in fits and starts over the past year-much of it different from what we had done before.

The election motivated us and we were proud to participate in two virtual toy theaters produced by the fantastic Great Small Works. Our performance is at 19:00, but please watch all of it! We have been fans of Great Small Works for many years and were fortunate to have participated in their wonderful live toy theater events in pre-COVID-19 times.

Our video Overtime addressed the loneliness and isolation many of us felt at the beginning of the pandemic while stuck inside. It was shown at several festivals in the US and in Europe.

We were extremely fortunate to have access to studio space for a while over the summer and were able to complete two sets of paintings on canvas along with many works on paper.

20A.2 Acrylic on Canvas, 2020 [32″X40″]

The work space is quite a bit smaller these days (and the weather a lot colder) so it has mostly been Blender 3d projects and smaller works, many based on scenes and experiences from a very turbulent year.